The next generation of skin cleansing for aesthetic and cosmetic treatments.

Clinisept+ offers a completely new approach to professional skin cleansing that maximises protection against complications and optimises patient outcomes. This is why Clinisept+ is rapidly being adopted by the world’s leading cosmetic professionals.

Clinisept+ applies a revolutionary proprietary hypochlorous technology to ensure the highest levels of skin cleansing and antimicrobial protection, but without stinging or causing irritation.

A skin neutral pH and non-cytotoxic chemistry allows Clinisept+ to be used before, during and after a treatment, thereby enabling high levels of hygiene to be maintained throughout a procedure or treatment programme.

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Optimum skin cleansing

Suitable for use before, during and following every aesthetic procedure

Clinisept+ is clinically formulated and dermatologically tested to guarantee its safety on even the most sensitive skin.

It doesn’t harm, irritate or sensitise the dermal layer, and leaves no chemical burden.

+ Non-toxic
+ Skin Neutral pH
+ Non-irritant
+ Hypoallergenic
+ Dermatologically Tested
+ Anti-inflammatory

Free From Harsh Ingredients

Clinisept+ is hypoallergenic, non-cytotoxic and non-irritating. The formula is also vegan and cruelty-free.

+ 0% Alcohol
+ 0% Chlorhexidine
+ 0% Sulphates
+ 0% Preservatives
+ 0% Colourants
+ 0% Fragrance

Clinisept+ is used by the UK’s top aesthetic practitioners for both pre-procedure skin cleansing and post procedure aftercare applications, including:

+ Injectables

+ Laser resurfacing

+ Chemical peels

+ Surgical enhancement

+ Microblading

+ Micro-needling

+ Laser tattoo removal

+ Hair removal (laser, electrolysis and waxing)

Clinisept+ Professional Mouthwash

Effective, but gentle.

Clinisept+ Mouthwash is strong and kind to your mouth. It provides highly effective microbial control but unlike traditional mouthwashes, it also calms and soothes sore mouths and gums.

+ Non-toxic
+ Neutral pH
+ Non-irritant to teeth or gums
+ Hypoallergenic
+ Dermatologically tested
+ Anti-inflammatory
+ Contains no alcohol, chlorhexidine, colouring or flavoring
+ Is not subject to antimicrobial resistance
+ Causes no staining

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“Spraying the face with Clinisept+ (after cleansing) on the morning of the treatment and on the day prior to the treatment can help prepare the skin. This may further reduce the risk of post-treatment infection.” - As seen on Written by Dr Stefanie Williams

“Then I spritz on Clinisept+, a cleansing antimicrobial tonic that not only helps alleviate my acne but also visibly reduces the appearance of my redness” - As seen in Stylist, April 2018, written by Facialist Debbie Thomas.

Patient Home-Use

Clinisept+ Procedure Aftercare, 100ml

Professional Use

Clinisept+ Prep & Procedure Refill Bottle, 250ml

Professional Use

Clinisept+ Prep & Procedure, 500ml

Professional Oral Use

Clinisept+ Mouthwash, 600ml

  • How is Clinisept+ used in Aesthetics?

    Clinisept+ Prep & Procedure is usually dispensed into a disposable galipot and applied with a sterile gauze.

    Clinisept+ Aftercare may be sprayed directly onto the intended area, or sprayed onto a disposable pad and wiped onto the area.

  • Can Clinisept+ be used during toxin procedures?

    Clinisept+ is used extensively in injectables applications with excellent results. It should be applied to the skin before, during and after the process.

  • What is the difference between Aftercare and Prep & Procedure?

    Clinisept+ Prep & Procedure, and Clinisept+ Aftercare use exactly the same chemistry, the only difference is that they dispense it in a different manner.

    Clinisept+ Prep & Procedure is available with either a pump dispenser or a trigger spray.

    Clinisept+ Aftercare is a ‘take home’ product for use by the patient once they have left the clinic. The finely atomising spray head enables clients to maintain high levels of hygiene over a treated area, without touching the skin.

  • What is the active ingredient in Clinisept+?

    The active ingredient in Clinisept+ is sodium hypochlorite. A patent pending chemical process is used to trigger a chemical reaction which converts the hypochlorite into an ultra-pure, stabilised hypochlorous solution. In fact, Clinisept+ has been proven to contain more than 90% pure hypochlorous – far exceeding the purity of any competitor product claiming to contain hypochlorous.

  • What is Hypochlorous?

    Hypochlorous is the same chemistry that powers the human immune system. It is produced by the white blood cells in the body to combat infection and is widely acknowledged as the most effective disinfection agent known, owing to its ability to kill bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores.

  • How can Clinisept+ be so effective, yet safe on skin?

    Clinisept+ is so effective because of the purity of the hypochlorous content. Despite it’s efficacy, hypochlorous is not absorbed by human skin cells. It has a skin neutral pH and contains no alcohol, petroleum, lanolin, oils or parabens. It is non-toxic and non-irritant to human skin and is even non-cytotoxic to human skin cells.

  • How does Clinisept+ differ from traditional skin cleansers?

    Most cleansers intended for use on skin, are weak poisons.  Whilst they can be effective at killing some pathogens, they also affect healthy skin cells and inhibit skin regeneration. Clinisept+ is different in that it uses an oxidising method of action which causes no harm to human skin, even to re-growing skin cells.

  • What cautions apply to Clinisept+?

    Clinisept+ products are very safe to use and have been proven non-toxic, non-mutagenic, non-irritant to skin and non-irritant to eyes. Follow the instructions for usage on the bottle and keep out of the reach of children.

  • Are there any contraindications?

    No. Clinisept+ has been subjected to comprehensive dermatological testing and has been found to cause no contraindications.

  • How can Clinisept+ be gentle on the skin when it contains phosphoric acid?

    Phosphoric acid is used in the manufacturing process to form the hypochlorous in Clinisept+. This process produces a pH that matches that of human skin and which is far less acidic than most carbonated soft drinks.