Award-winning distributor AestheticSource has announced that they will be the official UK distributor for award-winning U.S. skincare and foundation brand Oxygenetix®. As of Monday 9th March, AestheticSource will be adding the brand to their portfolio of clinically proven aesthetic products.

‘We are thrilled to be introducing Oxygenetix to our portfolio of brands’ says Lorna McDonnell Bowes, co-founder and CEO of AestheticSource. ‘We’re looking forward to growing the brand’s clinic base and providing the strong support it deserves to expand in the aesthetic arena, working with existing and new customers as we further develop this excellent brand.’

 With 160 years of cosmetic and medical expertise behind its development, Oxygenetix is the only foundation recommended by doctors to use post-procedurally, due to its patented Ceravitae™ complex, antimicrobial properties and ability to form a ‘second skin’ without blocking the flow of oxygen. Loved by Aesthetic Practitioners, celebrities and makeup artists alike, it’s buildable finish and skin nurturing qualities are recognised globally.


Oxygenetix was born when Barry Knapp's mother had a chemical peel procedure. When his daughters saw their grandmother soon after her procedure, they were frightened by her appearance and could barely look at her. This is when Barry started pondering the idea of medical cosmetics. He wanted to formulate a product that could minimize post-procedure downtime while healing the compromised skin. 

Originally formulated for use by plastic surgeons, dermatologists and other aesthetic professionals, Oxygenetix Oxygenating Foundation is a breathable revolution. Oxygenetix Foundation was first formulated as an oxygen-enriched, protective foundation to minimise patients’ scarring, discomfort and social downtime following procedures, but Hollywood makeup artists also discovered that one application of the foundation could last all day and night, even when shooting under harsh studio lights. Not only is Oxygenetix Breathable Foundation used professionally, but many consumers have also adopted it into their daily cosmetic regimen as it doesn’t damage the skin as other products do.

Oxygenetix Oxygenating Foundation is the first of its kind, an industry leader in post-procedure protocol and the cosmetic marketplace.

Please note, to place your Oxygenetix orders with our team, email, or call us on 01234 313130.  If you are attending ACE on 13th and/or 14th March, visit Stand D1 to learn more about AestheticSource's brands.

By Cait McLaughlin on
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