AestheticSource Turns 10 Years Old!

AestheticSource Turns 10 Years Old!

February and March were busy, busy times at AestheticSource, with the world beginning to truly open up more fully after the past few years of COVID, lockdowns and all that stress and uncertainty. Conferences, business trips abroad, and – for us in the marketing team – work on AestheticSource’s brand new logo and branding, with yet more exciting things to come! All this creation is to celebrate our 10th anniversary, and the new branding, launched at the Aesthetics Conference and Exhibition in March, gives AestheticSource a modern, fresh look for the future. Alongside a new website, we hope that our 10th Anniversary will be a time for us to celebrate AestheticSource’s past, as well as build for our future. 

Lorna, our founder and CEO, writes that “reaching the 10 year milestone is an extremely exciting moment for us. It’s a testament to the whole team for all their dedication and hard work, particularly in the past couple of years while we have navigated a dramatically changed environment. It is always a joy to work alongside such a superb team, and likewise a pleasure to partner with our clients, both individuals and clinics.  

“Our strong relationships with our suppliers are a significant part of our success - mutual support and respect that encourages creative thinking to make sure that we provide best in class service to our clinic partners. Oh, and in my enthusiasm I almost forgot the key point that (of course) all our brands are ‘best in class’ too! I am very excited to see what the next 10 years brings for us all!”  

So, with the future looking ever brighter, I just thought I’d share a few memories of the beginnings of AestheticSource. A moment that will always stand out for me, back at the very start of the journey, was the first delivery of NeoStrata and Exuviance product to the lock-up we had as a warehouse. Lorna (Mum, if she’ll allow!) was in London meeting with NeoStrata, and so my brothers and I – nine, eleven, and thirteen at the time – roped in anyone else on-hand to sort through everything and get it stored in some semblance of order. I’m sure it was chaos, but still, we managed to get through it all. I remember weeks on end with the house at Kingsley Road being filled with boxes of samples coming and in and out for conferences and events. There were weekends spent filling gift-bags in front of the rugby, afternoons avoiding homework by collating manuals for trainings, and feeding Mum coffee late into the night. Look where we are now! As Lorna put it: 

“Ah, the insanity of setting up a business with three rowdy sons running raucous around the house; ten years on, all three boys (and even one of their girlfriends) have worked at AestheticSource, not just at conferences, but in Customer service, Logistics –” and here I am doing content creation. 

So here’s to a fantastic ten years at AestheticSource – let’s make the next ten even better. 

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