Clinisept+ attains CE Mark Statement

Clinisept+ attains CE Mark Statement

AestheticSource are pleased to announce that Clinisept+ has attained CE accreditation.

Clinisept+ is a highly effective cleansing solution with antimicrobial properties and is used by the UK’s top aesthetic practitioners for both pre-procedure skin cleansing and post procedure aftercare applications, including: Injectibles, Laser resurfacing, Chemical Peels, Surgical enhancement, Microblading, Micro-needling, Laser tattoo removal, Hair removal (laser, electrolysis, waxing) and others.

‘The official CE accreditation awarded to Clinisept+ supports the AestheticSource approach to source and distribute brands that represent the very best in class. Safety has always been at the heart of our product selection, alongside efficacy and market-leading clinic support, marketing and PR. The opportunities this CE Mark opens up for existing and new users of Clinisept+ are very exciting indeed.’ Lorna McDonnell Bowes, Founder, AestheticSource

‘We are delighted to have attained this accreditation and it very much forms part of our ongoing goal towards achieving additional classification for our proprietary hypochlorous technology’ Ross Walker, Commercial Director of Clinical Health Technologies

By Cait McLaughlin on
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