Clinisept+ Skin – making your life easier

Clinisept+ Skin – making your life easier

It’s been five years since we launched Clinisept+ in conjunction with the manufacturer Clinical Health Technologies, and since then the client care product has transformed the way we approach skin cleaning. Lorna Bowes, AestheticSource’ CEO said: “We’re delighted to celebrate the fifth anniversary of Clinisept+ chemistry that AestheticSource launched exclusively in conjunction with Clinical Health Technologies, a launch that was described as the most exciting launch since Botox.”  

The award-winning aesthetics range is now receiving a face-lift, rebranding the two skin-focused products from Prep and Procedure (490 ml) and Aftercare (100ml) to both become larger or smaller versions of Clinisept+ Skin. And it’s not only the name: the 490ml bottle will be upgraded with a new and improved pump dispenser system, allowing you to have better control when bringing care to your patients. The labelling is also receiving an over-haul, to simplify and allow you to easily explain all the benefits of Clinisept+ Skin to your patients. Last of all, as part of Clinical Health Technologies’ sustainability drive, they are doing away with the wasteful cardboard carton packaging of the 100ml bottle. Lorna commented “It was so exciting to watch the launch of Clinisept+, and now we are delighted to see it spread as customers come to see the vital need for this brilliant product. We are now very happy to work again with manufacturer Clinical Health Technologies as they rebrand and improve the packaging from both a sustainability and ease-of-use perspective.”  

For the very few of you who have not yet adopted Clinisept into your clinical practice, it would be remiss of me to not seize the opportunity to explain the clinical benefits of the whole Clinisept+ portfolio. Clinical Health Technologies has developed a truly revolutionary hypochlorous formula that has changed the way we clean and care for the skin. No other product combines similar levels of cleansing efficacy with complete skin and tissue compatibility, to deliver unparalleled results. Its antimicrobial properties deliver optimal hygiene and protection without stinging or irritation. Due to its oxidising method of action, Clinisept+ is not susceptible to antimicrobial resistance and is also an effective deodoriser, providing a far more pleasant experience for your patients than traditional skin cleansers, which can themselves cause redness as well as dry the skin.  

So here’s to many more years of Clinisept+ Skin, and we hope you all love the new branding as much as we do! 

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