Delivery Update

Delivery Update

An update on deliveries in the current period. 29th April 2020

Dear all,

Most importantly we hope that you, your family and your colleagues are all safe.
We are all well, all healthy, and doing everything we can to support you and your patients/clients from our desks in our homes. Our warehouse has adopted social distancing measures, and have all necessary PPE, including gloves and face mace masks, and are keeping the 2-metre distance in and around the warehouse as well as conducting daily briefings to remind everyone of the importance of social distancing.

These essential measures, unfortunately, have an impact on the speed of packing and combined with delays in the journey from our warehouse to your address, deliveries may take up to five working days to arrive with you.

We are doing everything we can to expedite your orders, but as with our warehouse
management team, our main goal is that we and you all stay as safe as possible and continue to follow the government guidelines.

Thank you as ever for working with us, and we wish you well,

Lorna McDonnell-Bowes
CEO and Co-Founder

AestheticSource Drop Shipping Service

We are currently offering a drop-ship facility which enables you to continue to service your client's skincare needs whilst your clinic is temporarily closed. To use this service, please follow our simple process below:

Place your order by sending an email to our customer service team at

Please include:

- Your account name (and number if known)
- The products you would like to order
- Your customer's name and full address

The order will be processed as normal with the addition of a standard drop ship fee of £6.50. Your invoice will reference the customer's surname followed by “DS” for dropshipping, for your records.

*Please ensure your customer consents to a third-party being given their details for delivery. We will not store these details for any purpose other than the delivery of the goods purchased.


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