Introducing The Neck’s Best Thing: Techno Neck Perfecting Cream

Introducing The Neck’s Best Thing: Techno Neck Perfecting Cream

Modern problems require modern solutions and technology is ever evolving to beat problems of the modern day. And in skincare, we’re no different! New from skinbetter science is TechnoTM Neck Perfecting Cream: a product targeting the newest area of your skincare concerns, your neck.

The skin of your neck and décolletage is affected differently by daily life when compared to the skin on your face. It’s usual to find that fat builds up here, and as it’s constantly in motion, it can become slack or crepey. In the modern day, we spend so much time working from our computers, texting, looking down at screens, and as we age, deeper lines and wrinkles on our neck and décolletage can appear.

So how does the new product from skinbetter science® help? It contains a NOw Complex, a ground-breaking technology uniquely designed for the neck which contains Nitric Oxide, NO that makes up the NOw Complex.

So let me share with you what Nitric Oxide is, and how it can help your skin. First, a surprise - Nitric Oxide is a free radical. Now, in the past we’ve written about how these can be harmful to your skin, but Nitric Oxide isn’t one of the bad ones. It occurs naturally in your skin, and has all sorts of benefits: it enables young, healthy skin cells to create pathways for nutrients and oxygen through your skin. This is hugely important for maintaining your skin’s fitness and driving your skin’s natural healing processes. In fact, a major cause in increased signs of ageing is when your skin begins to get low on Nitric Oxide, which can contribute to a 40% reduction in blood flow to your skin. Then your skin cells become less efficient, and the rate at which your skin visibly ages increases.

TechnoTM Neck Perfecting Cream gets Nitric Oxide where it needs to be, to the cells that most need it, by deploying three protein building blocks for Nitric Oxide, onto your skin. These three (Adenosine, Argenine, and Carnosine) then drive your skin’s production of Nitric Oxide, giving improvements to blood and nutrient flow, revitalising and hydrating your skin, and beating those modern problems with a simple, brilliant solution.

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