Lorna's Christmas Message

Lorna's Christmas Message

Every time I sit down to write this, the news changes! I don’t think I have ever started and deleted so many ideas! So, I am just going to type up what is in my muddle of a head and share my thoughts.

Earlier in this strange year I wrote a weekly piece, focusing on self-care, mental health and well-being. I have really missed writing and missed the many conversations we had around the subjects I had written about. I sincerely hope that my writings brought comfort where needed and provoked thought, ideas and even actions.

This has been a year of extremes, a great start full of great expectations, then we were hit with hard times as we all adjusted our businesses, our working lives and our home lives to accommodate whatever twists and turns were thrown at us. 2020 has caused us to make some of the very toughest decisions of our lives, businesses closing, redundancies, furlough, and the myriad difficult and often personally painful choices. Then, just as we all started to say 2020 is nearly over and 2021 is a great opportunity to move forward, here we are looking at yet more ways to navigate a changing world.

But we have learnt that we are resilient, I have experienced a team who have pulled together in an extraordinary way in support of each other and of every customer we partner with, a team whose ideas never fail to impress and motivate me. This is a huge and personal “Thank you” to the AestheticSource family.
We have watched in admiration as you, our supplier and customer partners, have pivoted your business models, launched new products, new brands and new treatments in innovative and often virtual ways and continued to grow your market shares. We want to celebrate and thank you here too. We could not have managed 2020 successfully without you. “Thank you.”

We wish you all a safe holiday, celebrating however and wherever you can. I choose to see this as an opportunity to recharge. I hope you can also thoroughly enjoy the idea of no suitcases, no queueing at airports or rushing to see everyone we feel we should see; to enjoy some extended peace, maybe some meditation or contemplation, a time to practice the skill of self-care: I will walk till my dog says ‘enough now’, enjoy just being out in nature, practice the piano, I might play my viola, I’ll read copiously and love being at home quietly with my family. I may even have some creative time around business ideas.

Whatever you are doing, enjoy this gift of a quiet Christmas, and a peaceful New Year. See you in 2021.

With love and gratitude,


By Cait McLaughlin on
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