Lunch and Learns are back!

Lunch and Learns are back!

We’re delighted to let you know that our popular virtual learning sessions, 'Lunch & Learns' are back this January and what’s more, following your feedback, we’re offering sessions not only in the daytime, but in the evenings too! So, whether you want to learn something new at lunchtime or skill up at supper, there is something for everyone. To book your place, please click here.

Peels & Protocols – treatment plans to build your business 
Monday 17th January at 1pm and Wednesday 19th January at 7pm

This 30-minute session will look at how a fully inclusive treatment plan results in better patient outcomes and retention while future proofing your diary and building your skincare business.

Power Pairings – match your perfect partner products & protocols 
Monday 14th February at 1pm and Wednesday 16th February at 7pm

Attend this 30-minute session to gain a better understanding of how to enhance outcomes through a synergistic approach of pairing products with procedures in clinic and together at home to achieve better results for your patients and clients.

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