NEW 'Conversations in Aesthetics' - Podcasts hosted by AestheticSource

NEW 'Conversations in Aesthetics' - Podcasts hosted by AestheticSource

We are thrilled to confirm that our podcast ‘Conversations in Aesthetics’ is now live! Click HERE to listen and subscribe to 'Conversations in Aesthetics.

Conversations in Aesthetics explores the world of aesthetic medicine.
Join the AestheticSource team, along with special expert guests every fortnight for candid conversations, insight, and an exploration of the challenges, opportunities and wider trends that drive this dynamic industry. Subscribe now to join the conversation.

Unlocking the Secrets of Thriving in the Aesthetics Industry with Shannon Kilgariff

Shannon Kilgariff, the Editor and Event Manager at Aesthetics, joins us for our first episode of Conversations in Aesthetics, where we explore the heart of medical aesthetics, emphasising the irreplaceable role of education, networking, and staying updated about the latest innovations.

Shannon shares her invaluable insights into the shift happening in the aesthetics industry as we move from merely treating the symptoms of ageing towards a more holistic, long-term approach.

Our discussion with Shannon also unravels the importance of comprehensive research and a robust network for staying ahead in the industry while looking at the advantages of attending international conferences and the newest toxins in the industry.

Click HERE to listen to the full podcast.

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