New Webinar Dates Added

New Webinar Dates Added

We've added more webinars to our online training calendar! 

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22nd April, 1pm - Consulting with your Skin of Colour client with Dija Ayodele

27th April, 1pm - Using Social Media Effectively with Cait McLaughlin

30th April, 1pm - How to Ensure You Have The Best Safety Practises In-Place for Clients When You Are Ready To Re-Open Your Clinic with Dr Sophie Shotter

4th May, 1pm – SPF and Sun Exposure: Applying the Science & Evidence to Practice with Anna Baker  (Sun Awareness Week) 

6th May, 2pm – In-Clinic Full Facial Treatments at Home with LightStim LED Light Therapy with Crystal McElroy 

11th May, 1pm – NeoStrata Core Technologies with Anna Baker

13th May, 1pm –Defend & Protect with the NEW sunbetter® Advanced Mineral Protection Tone Smart SPF 50 & Alto Defense Serum™ with Tracy May-Harriott

15th May, 1pm - Photoprotection Beyond UV with Dr. Jinah Yoo (Consultant Dermatologist)

19th May, 1pm – Topic TBC with Daksha Patel (Mental Health Awareness Week) 

21st May, 1pm - Aetiology of Pigmentation – Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis with Dr Jinah Yoo 

26th May, 1pm - Topicals - The Importance of Understanding Ingredients with Anna Baker

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