Our second 'Conversations in Aesthetics podcast is out now!

Our second 'Conversations in Aesthetics podcast is out now!

Our second podcast within our ‘Conversations in Aesthetics’ series is now live! Click HERE to listen and subscribe to 'Conversations in Aesthetics.

The Truth Behind Cosmeceuticals & Effective Skin Health Practices with Andrew Hansford

Andrew Hansford from ACH Aesthetics joins us as we unravel the confusing jargon of "cosmeceuticals" and explain the importance of SPF as a staple in your daily regimen.

In a world where "clinically proven" is thrown around like confetti, we look closer at what that means for your skincare choices. We explore the rigorous science behind serums and creams, emphasising the value of research-backed results over anecdotal hype.

We also highlight the importance of professional expertise in interpreting studies to ensure that products meet their claims. Skincare is never one-size-fits-all, so we address common misconceptions and the significance of tailored advice, particularly during hormonal shifts like menopause.

Click HERE to listen to the full podcast.

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