Professional In-Clinic Body Treatments

Professional In-Clinic Body Treatments

We're sharing ideas and tips around supporting your clients with in-clinic body treatments and at-home skin maintenance this week. Today, we're chatting about in-clinic body treatments with Exuviance Professional!

SKINstant Body Repair Protocol

This illuminating, full-body ritual is ideal for dull, rough skin, as well as any skin type in need of plumping surface hydration. Designed with effective, scientifically proven ingredients that are known to exfoliate, hydrate and target skin’s volumising matrix.

Hand Rejuvenator Add-On Protocol

This protocol booster is ideal for all skin types and targets visible signs of ageing on hands – loss of volume, rough, crepey texture and dark spots. The steps in this protocol are designed to reveal smooth, youthful-looking hands.

SKINsational Soles Protocol

This treatment combines powerful exfoliators with emollients and humectants ideal for rough, calloused legs and feet. This treatment resurfaces and moisturises the skin, leaving a silky smooth finish. Your clients will glide out feeling SKINsational and radiant!

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