We’re here to help you during lockdown...

We’re here to help you during lockdown...

“Hello, well, here we go again! Actually, it isn’t the same: This time we know that skincare and home skin treatments will flourish through lockdown, and we are here to support you and make sure that you lead the way in your local area with virtual events, Insta lives, online consultations and many more ideas to keep your patients / clients engaged and both buying from you and feeling good about themselves.
The whole team here at AestheticSource are excited to help you through the next few weeks, and don’t forget to do your own Christmas shopping early with us, we all need those little treats, and our portfolio is packed full of great options for you to give to others or yourself! Actually, that’s given me a great idea – watch out for our list of Christmas Gift Favourites coming to you soon!
Before you read on, take a moment to check in with yourself, make sure you are looking after you, schedule regular ‘Me-time’ in to your dairy so you are stronger and more able to take care of those around you, and if you need support – reach out."

Virtual Consultations and Drop Shipping

In the first lockdown, virtual consultations played a huge part in many clinics response. We learned very quickly that we can still continue to service clients skincare needs even in lockdown, and it is so simple when you partner with us and our ‘Drop shipping’ service. We can deliver products, trial kits and seasonal gifts direct to your clients front door.

Reasons to Drop Ship:

  • You can continue to service your clients' skincare needs whilst busy in clinic (or on holiday!)
  • Reduces handling – straight from our warehouse to your patients home
  • Reduces your workload – leave us to do the packing and shipping
  • Leaves you free to spend more time in clinic, watching our webinars, following patients up to ensure they are using and then rebuying the right skincare from you
Place your order by sending an email to our customer service team at orders@aestheticsource.com

Please include:
  • Your account name (and number if known)
  • The products you would like to order
  • Your customers' name and full address

The order will be processed as normal with the addition of a standard drop ship fee of £6.50. Your invoice will reference the customers' surname followed by “DS” for dropshipping, for your records.

*Please ensure your customer consents to a third-party being given their details for delivery. We will not store these details for any purpose other than delivery of the goods purchased.

PLEASE NOTE: Unfortunately, due to new post-Brexit procedures, we are temporarily unable to drop ship to non-mainland UK customers (Republic of Ireland and Channel Islands.) Direct business to business orders will continue, but may be affected by delays. 

We hope to update customers with further information shortly.

Drop Ship Crackers & Deluxe Mini Kits

Christmas shopping days have been halved, therefore why not drop ship these beautiful Winter Kits and Crackers directly to your clients door. Click here to download our Gifting Offers.

To place your orders, contact our Business Support Team on 01234 313 130 or
email orders@aestheticsource.com and follow the Drop Shipping procedure.

Virtual eventing, home treatment ideas, and many more ideas - our team are here to help you stay ahead...

Our Business Development Managers are on hand to help you remotely navigate lockdown with any clinical and business needs, from virtual eventing for your patients on home treatments, skincare options as well as remote training and education on a multitude of subjects (just call them and ask!).

Our Business Support team are on hand from home to take your calls and your orders. Whatever your query: product selection, clinical conundrum, business advice – just get in touch and we are ready to help you.

Book a virtual appointment directly with your BDM or contact our Business Support Team on 01234 313 130 for support and to be introduced to your BDM if you are not already in touch.


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