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What's Harley?

Harley is a technology platform designed to make selling skincare easy for practitioners, whilst driving repeat product sales automatically and providing a premium, personalised service for each patient such that the practitioner maintains a relationship with the patient even after the patient has left the clinic.

The outcome is improved patient compliance, better skin results and thus increased patient loyalty and revenue. There is no joining fee, no subscription and no hidden fine print. Harley simply charges ~20% sales commission when they ship a product out on your behalf.

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Practitioner Testimonials

"Harley allows me to run a skincare business without having to hold inventory and worry about payment and delivery. Harley looks after all that for me while sending patients reminders when their products are running out, which is great as patients can be looked after well, even while I’m on holiday! I see Harley as my support team and secret weapon in my skincare business." - Dr. Terry Loong

“Harley helps my clinic keep skincare patients within our business, and it’s working well. We used to struggle with people running out without realising they were low, and then ordering in a hurry from unauthorised resellers. For patients it is not ideal as we do not know the legitimacy of the product supply chain and for a business it is disastrous as we lose the repeat revenue. Through a simple system, Harley nudges all of our skincare patients when they are running low and reminds them to repurchase. Such a simple solution to a real business problem!” - Dr. Sophie Shotter

Benefit for Practitioners

  • Harley purchases and stores products on behalf of practitioners, enabling practitioners to sell more products without additional capital or space investment
  •  Harley actively tracks and prompts product replenishment in a human, tasteful and non-pushy way, driving repeat sales without the practitioner having to spend any time on this
  •  Harley's reminder feature and luxurious experience drives patient product compliance and ultimately skin results, which then improves loyalty to the practitioner and more repeat sales
  •  By using Harley's platform, practitioners do not need to invest in logistics such as payment processing, packaging, delivery, after-sales services, etc. or their own online webshops to sell products online
  • Every Harley touchpoint with the patient is a marketing tool for the practitioner as Harley always mentions the practitioner when reminders are sent to the patient. The practitioner can also customise treatment or product promotions included in the delivery box for patients 

Benefit for Consumers

  • Harley makes the product purchase experience seamless, luxurious and enjoyable for the patient
  • Every recommended product, including prescription products comes in one box usually within 24 hours
  • Patient receives a Personalised Skincare Plan with product application instructions accessible via mobile 24/7 almost instantaneously
  • Harley helps the patient get in touch with the practitioner through text should the patient have any skin related questions which drives continued engagement with the practitioner
  • Sleek interface, personalised packaging, premium experience drives patient satisfaction and thus loyalty to the practitioner and products recommended 

Visit to register for Harley's services.