New Partnership with LightStim

New Partnership with LightStim

LightStim®, the US leading LED device manufacturer offers the number one LED light used by dermatologists, plastic surgeons, healthcare, skincare and wellness professionals.

Designed and manufactured in the US, LightStim® has almost two decades of experience, patented technology, certifications and FDA clearances, meeting the robust criteria for partnership with AestheticSource.

“We wanted to offer practitioners an LED therapy device that they can trust and see visible results with,” said director and owner of AestheticSource Lorna Bowes. “There is an abundance of LED therapy devices on the market right now so we have sought, and are now bringing to the UK market, the leading FDA cleared US brand, LightStim®. To support this exciting brand launch we have brought Crystal McElroy from the USA, meaning that practitioners can rest assured they are working with the right technology.”

Crystal McElroy joins the AestheticSource family as a LightStim® Business Consultant and has over two decades of industry experience in cross-functional roles from training, marketing and sales. She is the owner and founder of Successful Spa and Successful Beauty Group, two divisions of Successful Spa, LLC, in Orlando, Florida. Crystal will be offering support to new and existing LightStim® customers including training and events.

LightStim® owner Steve Marchese said, “We are thrilled to have partnered with such a well-respected and experienced distributor as AestheticSource. We’re looking forward to expanding in the UK market and working together to introduce their customers to our leading LED devices.”

More information coming soon! 

By Cait McLaughlin on
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