SkinTech Announcement

SkinTech Announcement

Following a wonderful partnership with Skin Tech Pharma Group spanning almost six years, AestheticSource have made the decision to focus and strengthen their portfolio of skincare and wellness offerings.

Therefore, as of the 31st March 2021, AestheticSource will cease to supply products from the Skin Tech Pharma Group portfolio.

Lorna McDonnell Bowes said, “The partnership between Skin Tech Pharma Group and AestheticSource has been a mutual success. However, we have spent the last twelve months adapting our business to ensure continued to support for our customers whilst everyone has been working remotely during the pandemic. Alongside increased online education, including our successful ‘Lunch & Learn’ sessions and support such as introducing dropshipping, the teams at AestheticSource have listened to and incorporated practitioner and stockist feedback to ensure we are able to optimally support each and every one of our partners through this challenge and for the years ahead.”

For product enquiries and support please contact:
Skin Tech Pharma Group UK: +447466139189

Skin Tech Pharma Group Spain: +34 972455113

We wish Skin Tech Pharma Group ongoing success with their portfolio in the UK.

By Cait McLaughlin on
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