Skinbetter Science - 22nd February 2023 , Product Knowledge

Skinbetter Science - 22nd February 2023 , Product Knowledge

Skinbetter Science 

The Skinbetter science® scientific approach represents a revolutionary change in the skincare market, establishing a new standard in professional skincare.

Skinbetter science® products are purposefully researched, formulated, and packaged to produce real-life results in a straight-forward, uncomplicated way.


About the Course 

This Live webinar is hosted by Tracy May Harriott Head of International Education & Business Development for Skinbetter Science . 

The skinbetterscience®training programme is a three-part blended course that across two live webinars focuses on the science and unique formulations behind the products, deeper product knowledge, and looks at your patients’ possible skin concerns and solutions.

You will also be able to learn about skinbetterscience®peel system’s theory and protocols in both the second webinar and a third section, the hands-on practical taught by one of our team of experts. All this learning is available to Level 3 Aestheticians, Doctors, Dentists, and Nurses, as well as your front-of-house and non-peel practicing staff.


Date : Tuesday 22nd February 2023   

Time : 13:00pm - 14:45pm (GB)


How do I Join? 

To be able to train with AestheticSource you must have an account with us, once you are registered you can book by contacting our Training Coordinator via email on , speaking with your Business Development Manager or call us on 01234 313 130  


How do I obtain my certificate?

Once you have completed the training programme and your attendance has been confirmed, you will be emailed your product/peel training certificate within 5 working days. .

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